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We offer you an Annual Maintenance Contract for all brands of printers. Annual Maintenance Contract is a contract where we will take care of your printer after its warranty period expired. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. So we will provide you the best service at very reliable cost.


Different types of Printers and their issues:

  1. Impact Printers: Impact printers are those printers which make contact with the paper sheet by banging a head or needle against an ink ribbon. There are many types of impact printer:
  2. Dot matrix Printer: A dot matrix printer prints using a fixed number of pins. First dot matrix printer was introduced in 1970.
  3. Daisy wheel Printer: Daisy wheel printer is invented by David S. Lee at Diablo Data Systems in 1969. Dairy wheel printer had become the dominant technology for high-quality printing in 1980.
  • Line Printers: A line printer prints a whole line of text before advancing to a new line. A line printer can print about 600 lines-per-minute.
  1. Drum Printer: It is a fixed font character set engraved onto the periphery of a number of print wheels.
  2. Chain Printer: It uses a chain of print characters which is wrapped around two pulleys.
  3. Band Printers: Band printer uses a steel band which is divided into five sections of 48 characters each.

Issues related to Impact Printer:

  1. White lines: Sometimes you can see white lines in the in the middle of the text. This problem occurs due to the print head.
  2. Paper jams: Paper jam is the most common issue in an impact printer. It occurs due to a chunk of paper get stuck inside the roller.
  • Garbage printing: You can see gibberish words while printing. It can occur due to the incorrect print driver. Some other issues can also cause garbage printing.
  1. Grinding Noise: Impact printers usually cause loud noise during printing. But sometimes it makes very loud noise while printing. This can happens due to some matter jammed inside the printer.
  2. Blank printing: Sometimes the carriage of the printer moves but nothing in print on the sheet. It may occur due to dried ink.


  1. Non- impact Printers: Non-impact printers are those printers which do not use head-banging principle. Non-impact printers do not hammer so they are made very less noise than impact printers. Some non-impact printers are:
  2. Laser Printers: Laser printer is the common printer type for a personal computer. The laser printer was introduced by IBM in 1975. It works similarly as copier machine. A laser printer uses dry ink. A laser printer is best for those people who print hundreds of page daily.
  3. Ink-jet Printer: Ink-jet printers use the same principle as a dot matrix printer in the form of characters with tiny dots. These dots are formed by small droplets of ink. An ink-jet printer can print 250 characters per second. You can use various colors in an inkjet printer.

Issues with non-impact printers:

  1. Paper jamming: This is the most common problem is every printer. It can happen due to worn rollers, dust, and grime. It can also occur due to weighted paper.
  2. Poor print quality: Sometimes the print quality gets so poor, this can happens due to faded ink or poor paper quality.
  • Toner smear: A toner can smear due to the defective toner cartridge. Try to replace the cartridge, if the problem continues, call 24techsupport for door service.
  1. Faded print: Sometimes the color of the print is faded, it can occur due to low toner.


Top Printer brands available in the market:

  • Canon
  • HP
  • Epson
  • Samsung
  • Dell
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • Brother
  • Toshiba
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Olivetti

Many other brands of printer are also available in the market. All types of printer issues can be easily resolved with just a phone call. 24techsupport provides you the best service to your printer. We have expert technicians for this purpose.

Services provided by us:

  • Install/reinstall printer drivers
  • Recycling
  • Scan and take away machine conflicts
  • Proper guidelines about printer
  • Troubleshooting inkjet and laser printers
  • Ink replacement
  • Cartridge replacement

Why choose 24techsupport?

We are providing you the best door to door service at a very reliable cost. Printer AMC service will guarantee you to best repair service at your door.

A printer is a very necessary device for a person who works from home. If you want to increase the lifeline of your printer device and do not wants to waste extra money then pick up your phone, call 24techsupport and book a ticket now.

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How to get AMC service?

Phone Call: You can get our AMC service with a direct phone call, your call will be assisted at our 24techsupport office and you can easily resister AMC service anytime.

Visit our site: Visit our 24techsupport site and you can directly log a ticket online.