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24techsupport offers you Annual Maintenance Contract for your desktop computers and its accessories. Customer satisfactory is our main goal. In Annual Maintenance Contract we will provide you the best service to your computer after its warranty period. We are providing you this facility at a very good cost.

Different types of desktop and their issues:

  1. iMac: iMac is a family of Macintosh desktop computers designed by Apple Inc in August 1998. iMac G3 was the first model of iMac desktop which had gumdrop shape, CRT monitor, and translucent plastic case with slot-loaded optical drive. The second version was iMac G4 with hemispherical base and LED monitor on freely moving arm. iMac G5 and Intel iMac are the third and fourth revisions of iMac desktop with slim unified design. The fifth revision was released in 2007 with anodized aluminum and a glass panel. The sixth version was introduced in 2012 includes solid-state drive. The seventh revision of iMac was introduced in October 2014 with Retina 5K display.

Issues regarding iMac desktop:

  • Blue Screen: It is the common issue faced by many iMac users. This occurs when the Mac is having trouble in loading files. There can be some other reasons also for a blue or gray screen.
  • Keyboard has stopped working: Some of the keys stop working while other keys work repeatedly.
  • Graphic card failure: Distorted colors or sometime blue screen means your graphic card is not working properly.
  • Hard drive failure: If you hear clunking sound from your hard drive, it can occur due to hard drive failure.
  • Slow Performance: This is a very common problem and can occur due to low space, viruses, and some other reasons. Our AMC service will provide you the support for your iMac.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not supporting: This problem occurs when drive drivers are not working or Wi-Fi card failure.
  • Corrupted SMC: This the most common factor in Mac series. This single issue can lead to many other problems like unexpected shutdowns, speaker failure etc.
  1. Windows PC: Windows is the most common and widely used operating system. It shares 82.45% market worldwide.

Top computer brands with Windows OS:

  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Microsoft

Issues related to Windows PC: A personal computer is a group of much different inputs, output, and processing device. It is difficult to tell that what the actual cause of the issue is.

Issues related to Windows PC:

  • Peripheral devices are not supporting: Sometimes your computer does not support peripheral devices like MODEM, printer, and scanner etc.
  • Restarts itself: Sometimes due to low RAM capacity, and high workload the system keeps restarting.
  • System Freezes: When the system freezes the mouse and the keyboard stops working.
  • Plug-ins are not supporting: Your plug-in is not working. This issue can occur when the plug-in is not installed properly or it can also occur due to missing hooks and caching plug-ins.
  • Speaker issues: You can hear clunking and grinding sound sometimes while watching videos and listening to music.
  • Shut down repeatedly shut down: the shutting down of the system mostly occurs due to overheating. This might happens due to clogging of fan and heat sink.
  • Low space: The disc space gets low even when you are not using many applications. A regular AMC visit will provide you with the best support for all your computer issues.

There can be multiple problems while using iMac and Windows PC. Our AMC service provides you with the best service in a very good deal. We have the best technicians which are specialized in this field.

Services provided by us:

  • OS Installation
  • Display repair/replacement
  • Software Updates
  • Motherboard repairmen
  • Water spilled issues
  • Antivirus installation and update
  • Battery issues
  • Other peripheral devices repair/replacement

 Why choose 24techsupport?

24techsupport solves your all problems at very best prices. Our AMC service guarantees you a quality solution for computer repair at home. AMC provides 24*7 service, which means you any contact us anytime.

Service provided with AMC for desktop computers:

  • Home visit
  • Tuning of system
  • Speeding up installation
  • Resolution of Booting and shutdown issues
  • Taking care of device driver problems
  • Data backup and recovery

A personal computer is very dear to everyone. It contains your personal files, documents, photos and video gallery of your loved ones. Nobody wants to lose his or her data. Our AMC service provides you the best solution to protect your data. If you want to keep your computer and data safe then register for our AMC service today.

We have thousands of satisfied customers in Gurgaon who are very happy with our service. Our AMC service will help you to increase your computer’s lifeline. We use original parts in our service. A regular visit will help to maintain your computer.

We have qualified engineers and expert technicians for this job, who are working in this field for many years. If your computer breaks down then walking to a service center is quite difficult because a computer has many devices and you don’t know which part is not working exactly. Instead of walking out in streets, just call 24techsupport and get your computer repaired at home quickly. We are providing you 24*7 services, it means you can call anytime and make arrangement according to your convenience, and our technician will present for your help.

How to get AMC service?

Phone Call: You can get our AMC service with a direct phone call, your call will be assisted at our workplace and you can easily resister AMC service anytime.

Visit our Site: Visit our 24techsupport site and you can log a ticket online anytime.