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Laptop AMC Service in Gurgaon

24TechSupport offers you Annual Maintenance Contract for all kinds of laptops and its accessories.  Laptop AMC  Service in Gurgaon is a service where we will take care of your laptop after its warranty period. Our goal is to provide the best and satisfactory services to our customers. We are providing door-to-door service for your convenience.


Different types of Laptops and issues:

MacBook: The MacBook is a notebook computer series manufactured by Apple Inc. in May 2006. There have been four different designs of MacBook. The first model used a combination of polycarbonate and fiberglass casing. Second model was 15-inch MacBook Pro introduced in October with unibody aluminum casing. Third model was introduced in 2009 with polycarbonate unibody casing. The fourth, and last but not the least MacBook line was launched on March 2015. It has a Retina display.

Issues you can face while using MacBook:

  1. Keyboard has stopped working: This is a very common issue in MacBook. The keys do not work and some keys work repeatedly.
  2. Hard Drive Failure: Sometimes you hear clunking and grinding sound from your hard drive, it means your hard drive is not working properly. A regular check-up visit is the best way to keep your hard drive working.
  3. Graphic Card Failure: Blue screen, distorted colors, and zig-zag lines are the warning signs for your graphic card.
  4. Intermittent Power Issue: Your Mac is switching off itself in few seconds after log in.
  5. Slow Performance: This is a common problem which can occur due to many reasons like Low space, malware attacks etc.
  6. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not supporting: This problem ours due to the driver failure.
  7. MacBook is not Charging: If your MacBook is not charging after switch-on, it occurs due to a charger, sometimes it may happen that charger is working fine with other Mac but not working in your device. It means this issue is related to your MacBook and should be resolved quickly.
  8. Speaker Issue: The crackling sound occurs while listening to music in iTunes or watching videos on YouTube.
  9. Corrupted SMC: Most of the function failure like unexpected shutdowns, Bluetooth failure, and speaker failure can occur due to corrupted SMC.


Windows: Windows is a group of several Graphical Operating Systems which are developed and marketed by Microsoft. Most of the laptops run on Windows. Windows share about 82.45% of operating system worldwide.

Top laptop companies with Windows OS:

  • Lenovo
  • HP
  • Dell
  • Acer
  • Asus
  • Microsoft
  • Razer
  • Samsung

Issues related to Windows Laptops:

  1. Peripheral devices are not supporting: Your device is not supporting peripheral devices like Printers, MODEM, and Scanner.
  2. System Freezes: Which using your laptop, suddenly your system freezes and the cursor of your mouse do not move, the keyboard doesn’t work.
  3. The system keeps restarting: This problem can occur when two different RAM sticks installed in the same laptop, this causes memory-usage issues and trigger unexpected restarting.
  4. Slow Performance: The speed of your laptop starts decreasing after a certain amount of time. This can happen due to outdated software, low RAM, or malware attack. A quick call to24techsupport will sort out your all laptop issues at a very best price.
  5. Plug-ins are not supporting: Sometimes even after proper installation, your laptop is not supported plug-ins. This can happens due to missing hooks, caching plug-ins or some other reasons.
  6. Speaker issues: The crackling sound can occur due to many hardware failures. It can also occur due to out-dated device drivers.
  7. Repeatedly shut down: Your system may shut sown repeatedly itself. It can happen due to overheating. This happens due to clogging of fan and heat sink. A regular AMC visit is the best way to cleaning your laptop regularly.
  8. Low space: Sometimes the disc space gets low even when you are not using enough applications. This can also occur due to a malware attack.

There are multiple issues you can face while using MacBook or Windows laptops. We are providing you the best and optimal service to keep your system safe and sound. We have the best technicians which are specialized in this field.

Service provided by us:

  • Installation of OS
  • Keyboard and other peripheral device replacement/repair
  • Display replacement/repair
  • Software Updates
  • Motherboard issues
  • Water spilled problems
  • Antivirus Update
  • Battery issues


Why choose 24techsupport?

All these issues will be sorted out quickly at the best prices. Laptop AMC service guarantees you a quality performance for Laptop repair at home. AMC service will increase your laptop lifeline.

Services provided with Laptop AMC Service Plan

  • 3 visits yearly
  • Tuning of system
  • Speeding up Installation
  • Resolution of Booting and shutdown issues
  • Solving every kind of device driver problems
  • Data backup and recovery

Everyone loves his or her laptop because it contains your important files, documents, photos of your loved one, and your personal information. If you want to take care of your laptop, then register today for our Laptop AMC Service.

We have thousands of satisfied and happy customers for our service. We will help you to increase the life of your laptop. We always use original parts for recovering your laptop. The regular visit will help to make sure that your laptop and network is safe from any faulty software and malware.

We have qualified technicians and engineers with good experience in this field. The expert technicians visit you at your door; it means you do not have to walk out for your laptop servicing. The technician will call you, and you can easily make arrangement according to your convenience. We are providing 24 hours service, it means our technician will present any time of the day for your service.


How to get AMC service?

Phone Call: You can get our Laptop AMC service with a direct phone call, your call will be assisted at our workplace and you can easily resister AMC service anytime.

Visit our Site: Visit our 24techsupport site and you can log a ticket online anytime.