HP laptop repair service center in gurgaon

HP laptop Repair in Gurgaon | HP laptop Service Center in Gurgaon

24 Tech Support provides the best services for HP laptop repair in Gurgaon. HP laptops are known for their budget-friendly costs and good robustness. But like any other gadget, these laptops may start showing after the warranty expiry. Whenever your HP laptop shows any program or meets any damage, contact our team for help. We are providing excellent HP laptop repair services in Gurgaon. All our services are very affordable. You can make an HP laptop repair appointment and get your laptop fixed in no time.

HP laptop hinge repair in Udyog Vihar

Getting hinge issues on HP laptops is common. These hinges provide support to the screen. The hinges must be in good condition to open and close the HP laptop. Due to overload or any kind of mishandling, these hinges get damaged or cracked. These hinges must be repaired immediately to prevent other damages. Dial the 24 Tech Support phone number and talk to the technician. You can bring the laptop to the office directly or you can make an in-site appointment for an HP laptop hinge repair. 

HP laptop screen replacement in DLF Gurgaon

Any kind of issue on the HP laptop screen affects the work. If your HP laptop screen is flickering or showing any kind of pixel error then get help from the 24 Tech Support team. We are providing the best HP laptop flickering screen repair services. If the screen is cracked due to mishandling, you have to replace it. We are providing good HP laptop display replacement services. Contact our technical team for your HP laptop screen replacement. In touch screen laptops, if the touch is not working correctly or responding lately, you can get our HP laptop touch screen repair services. 

HP laptop charger repair Sohna Road

When the laptop charger shows any error, the laptop won’t charge and you can’t use it. Charging issues seem a small problem but can lead to many issues. If the laptop charger is not working, talk to our team. 24 Tech Support is offering good HP laptop charger repair services. Your HP laptop can also show issues if the charging port is not working. The charging port often gets loose and starts showing issues. Dial our phone number for HP laptop charging point repair. 

HP laptop motherboard repair Golf Course

The motherboard is the most delicate and essential part of your device. Any small issue on the motherboard can lead to huge damage to your whole laptop. Repairing the motherboard is not easy and repairing can cost a lot. With us, you can repair your HP laptop motherboard at very affordable prices. If your motherboard shows any kind of error, fix it. You can easily make an appointment with the 24 Tech Support team via phone number for HP laptop motherboard repair. We are providing the best laptop motherboard repair services in Gurgaon.

HP laptop body repair Sushant Lok

24 Tech Support is also providing laptop body repairing services. People often discard laptops if the laptop body is damaged. Instead of buying a new laptop, you can easily repair the laptop’s body. We are a team of experts and can repair the HP laptop body easily. Our service fee is very affordable and quick. The technician can repair all types of minor and major damages to the HP laptop body. After repairing, you can use your laptop without any issues.

HP laptop water damage repair 

Spilling water or tea is the most common issue in laptops. While working or watching anything on a laptop, people often spill it mistakenly. Water damage to the laptop can damage all parts of your device. You need immediate help with water damage in your HP laptop. Shut down the laptop; dial the 24 Tech Support phone number and make an appointment. We are round-the-clock available for help. You can make the appointment any time of the day. The technician will remove all the water or liquid from the laptop and check for any damage. If there is any damage, the technician will also fix it. You can bring your HP laptop directly to our office or can make an on-site appointment. 

HP laptop power supply repair

Whenever your HP laptop shows power supply-related issues, contact us. 24 Tech Support is offering the best HP laptop power supply repair services. Your laptop can get power issues due to a faulty charger or battery. We are also providing HP laptop battery replacement services. You can contact us for all HP laptop models. Our technicians have years of experience and fix all HP laptop power supply-related issues. 

HP laptop hard disk repair 

If the hard disk of your HP printer is not working or seems faulty; get help. All your crucial data is stored on the hard disk. If the hard disk gets corrupted, you will lose all your data. Before you face data loss issues, make an HP laptop hard disk repair appointment with us. Dial our phone number and share your query with our technician. We can repair the hard disks of all HP laptop models. You can also contact us for data recovery. We have advanced tools for data recovery on your HP laptop device. 

Windows installation in HP laptop 

In HP laptops, Windows is the default OS. When you buy the HP laptop, you get Windows in it. This OS works excellently on HP devices as it is quite user-friendly and provides good performance. But sometimes the Windows OS gets corrupted. OS can be corrupt due to various reasons. If Windows gets corrupted, you need to reinstall it. 24 Tech Support is offering Windows installation on HP laptops. You can contact us for Windows installation or upgrading services. 

HP laptop cooling fan repair

Whenever you play online games or start any heavy process, laptop fans start immediately. These fans cool down the CPU to prevent any kind of damage due to the heat. If the fans are not working properly, the CPU will overheat and the processing speed will reduce. Overheating can also damage various parts of the laptop. HP laptop fans require regular cleaning. You can contact us for HP laptop fan cleaning and repair services. We are also providing laptop fan replacement services.



How long does it take to repair HP laptop?

Our HP laptop repairing services are very quick. For immediate repair, you can bring your HP laptop to the 24 Tech Support office or can make on-site appointments.

How much HP laptop screen repair cost?

HP laptop screen repair costs vary from model to model. At 24 Tech Support, you can get screen repair services at very affordable prices.

How to send HP laptop for repair?

We are providing on-site repair services. Make an appointment and the technician will be at your doorsteps. We are also offering pick & drop services for HP laptop repair.

24 Tech Support is the best HP service center in Gurgaon. We have a team of experts who can repair all types of laptop-related issues. The team undergoes regular workshops to upgrade their skills. You can get 24/7 services for laptop repair. Dial our phone number or fill out the form on your website for an appointment.