Dell Laptop Repair in Gurgaon | Dell Laptop Service Center in Gurugram

24 Tech Support offers laptop repair services at Gurgaon. Whenever your laptop shows any issue, you can contact the technical team and get the best help. We are offering the repairing and servicing for all Dell laptop models. Gadgets like laptops require quick help. You need your laptop for personal and office work. Any kind of error or damage to the laptop can cause problems with your work. If your laptop is not working or needs any servicing, contact us anytime. Our technicians will repair your device immediately.

Dell Laptop hinge repair in Udyog Vihar

Any damage to the laptop hinge can cause problems to your whole device. In a laptop, these hinges help the screen to open and close. These hinges are used to protect cables that are running from the motherboard to the screen. Laptop hinge damage is considered physical damage and is often not covered under a warranty. The laptop screen puts a load on the hinges. These hinges often get damaged over time. If the hinges of your laptop are damaged then you should immediately repair them. Don’t try to repair them at home. Dial our phone number and talk to our technician. We are a team of experts that can fix Dell laptop hinges of all models. With our services, you can get your hinge repaired in no time.

Dell laptop screen replacement in DLF Gurgaon

Any damage to the Dell laptop screen can cause issues. Your laptop screen is one of the most essential and delicate parts of the laptop. Any type of mishandling can damage the screen. You can talk to our technical team for Dell laptop screen replacement or repair services. 24 Tech Support is providing Dell laptop display replacement services. If the screen is not working properly or you are getting a flickering screen then dial our number. We are providing the best flickering screen repair services. If you have a touch screen laptop, then you should immediately repair it. Our company is offering good Dell laptop touch screen repair services.

Dell laptop charger repair Sohna Road

Facing charging issues on Dell laptops is very common. Your device can show charging issues if the laptop charger is not working properly. You can visit our office or can get on-site services for laptop repair. Our technician will inspect the charger and repair it. Charging issues can also occur when the laptop charging port is not working. 24 Tech Support is also providing Dell laptop charging port repair services. With us, you can get your laptop repaired at very affordable prices. 

Dell laptop Motherboard repair Golf Course

The motherboard is the most critical part of your laptop. It connects every component to the device. Any kind of damage to the motherboard can affect the whole processing of the device. The motherboard of your laptop requires regular servicing. With time, every gadget starts showing issues. If your motherboard shows any problem, seek immediate help. Laptop motherboard repair can cost a lot. But with 24 Tech Support, you can get the motherboard repaired at very good prices. Our technician can repair all types of Dell laptop motherboard issues. 

Dell laptop base & body repair and replacement Sushant Lok 

24 Tech Support avail all types of Dell laptop body repair services. You spend a good amount purchasing your laptop. Whenever your device faces any kind of damage, you should immediately get help. Our experts have been repairing Dell laptop bodies for a long time. You can contact us for any type of Dell laptop body damage. Technology has become very convenient yet challenging. Laptops allow us to perform tasks efficiently. But any damage to the laptop can cause bigger issues. We are the one-stop help for your laptop.

Dell laptop water damage repair

Dell laptops provide reliable services. But water damage is always challenging as it can easily damage all internal parts. So, the minute you spill any liquid on the laptop, contact 24 Tech Support. Press the power button and shut the device. For immediate help, you can get on-site service. Make the appointment and our technician will be at your doorsteps. We are providing exceptional services to our customers. Whenever you face Dell laptop water damage issues, you can dial our phone number immediately. Our technician will remove all water or liquid from the device. If there is any other damage due to water, the technician will also repair it.

Dell laptop power supply damage

Facing power supply issues on Dell laptops is common. If the laptop is not charging, you can’t open it. Your Dell laptop device needs good repair services. At 24 Tech Support, our technical team will resolve all your Dell laptop power supply damage issues. We are providing round-the-clock repair services for laptops and other hardware devices. Contact the team and make your appointment anytime.

Dell laptop hard disk repair 

All your data is stored on a hard disk. Any kind of issue on the hard disk can lead to permanent data loss issues. If you are facing problems in accessing the hard disk or some of the files seem corrupted then talk to our technician. Make an appointment and get the best help. Our technician will inspect and fix all the problems on your hard disk. If any of the data is corrupted, our experts can recover it. We have advanced data-recovery tools. With us, you can fix all types of Dell laptop hard disk issues.

Windows installation in Dell laptop 

You can also contact 24 Tech Support for Windows installation on your Dell laptop. In Dell, you get Windows as the default operating system. This OS is very user-friendly and provides good services. But Windows corruption is quite common in laptops. If the Windows OS of your laptop is corrupted or showing any problem, you can call our technician. Contact us and make your appointment for Windows installation on your device. 

Dell laptop cooling fan repair

CUP is the brain of your device that handles all processes. Due to the processes, many parts of the CUP emit heat. Laptop fans help to maintain the temperature by cooling the CPU. If the CPU fan is not working or running very slow, you should service it. The 24 Tech Support team provides good fan repairing services. If the fan is completely damaged and can’t be repaired, we can replace it. You can make an appointment for Dell laptop cooling fan repair and replacement services.

Dell Laptop Series List 

  • Dell Latitude Series Business Laptops
Dell latitude 9430 Dell Latitude 9520
Dell latitude 7530 Repair Dell Latitude 9420 Repair
Dell Latitude 7430 Dell Latitude 7520
Dell Laatitude 7330 Repair Dell Latitude 7420
Dell Latitude 7330 Ultralight Dell Latitude 7320
Dell Latitude 5530 Repair Dell Latitude 5520
Dell Latitude 5531 Dell Latitude 5521
Dell Latitude  5430 Dell Latitude 5420
Dell Latitude 5431 Dell Latitude 5421
Dell Latitude 5330 Repair Dell Latitude 5320
 Dell Latitude 3330 Dell Latitude 3520
Dell Latitude 3320 Dell Latitude 3420
Dell Latitude 3120
  • Dell Inspiron Series For the ultimate experience
Dell Inspiron 7500 Dell Inspiron 1100 and 5100 Series
Dell Inspiron 2100 Dell Inspiron Mini Series (2008-2010)
Dell Inspiron 3500 Dell Inspiron 3000 Series
Dell Inspiron 3800 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 2-in-1
Dell Inspiron 4000 Dell Inspiron 11 3000
Dell Inspiron 8000 Dell Inspiron 14 3000
Dell Inspiron 2600/2650 Dell Inspiron 15 3000
 Dell Inspiron 8500/8600 Dell Inspiron 5000 Series
Dell Inspiron 1300/B130/B120 Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1
Dell Inspiron 2200 Dell Inspiron 14 5000
Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron 15R N5000
Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Dell Inspiron 15 5000 2-in-1
Dell Inspiron 14 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron 15 5000
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Dell Inspiron 17 5000
Dell Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron 7000 Series
Dell Inspiron 17 7000 Dell Inspiron 13 7000
Dell Inspiron 17 7000 2-in-1 Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming/Inspiron 15 7000 (7559)
Dell Inspiron Gaming Series (Pandora) (2015-2018) Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming
Dell Inspiron 14 Gaming/Inspiron 14 7000 (7447) Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming (AMD) (5576)
  • Dell Vostro Series
Dell Vostro 3000 Dell Vostro 1500
Dell Vostro 15 Dell Vostro 1720
Dell Vostro 5000 Dell Vostro A90 and A90n
Dell Vostro 13 Dell Vostro V13
Dell Vostro 14 Dell Vostro 3300
Dell Vostro 15 Dell Vostro 3400
Dell Vostro 17 Dell Vostro 3500
Dell Vostro 1000 Dell Vostro 3550
Dell Vostro 1200 Dell Vostro 3560
Dell Vostro 1220 Dell Vostro 3700
Dell Vostro 1320
  • Dell Adamo Series 
    Dell Adamo 13 Repair
    Dell Adamo XPS Repair
  • Dell XPS Series
  • Dell Studio Series
  • Dell Inspiron Mini Series 
  • Dell Precision Series For professional creators
  • Dell Alienware Series For high-performance gaming
  • Dell Chromebook Series
  • Dell G Series Gaming Laptops



How long does it take to repair Dell laptop?

We provide quick Dell laptop repair services. Simple damage repair and software-related errors can be repaired immediately. However major laptop damage may require some time for a complete repair. 

How much Dell laptop screen repair cost?

Screen repair for Dell laptops varies from model to model. Flickering screen repair costs less whereas cracks or other damage will cost a bit more. 

How to send Dell laptop for repair?

You can visit the 24 Tech Support office with your device for repair. We are also providing on-site repair services. Make an appointment and the technician will be at your doorstep for laptop repair. 

At 24 Tech Support, we are offering the best Dell laptop repair services. All repairing services are provided at a very good cost. You can easily make the appointment by calling our number or filling out our Schedule Visit form on our website. We have hundreds of happy and satisfied customers. Our company is providing 24/7 services for all Dell laptop repairs. 

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